Third Steep Farms

-A Queer & Trans Land Project-

Third Steep Farms is a queer and trans land project based in the northwest Rockies outside of Drummond, Montana. We acquired the land in 2019 and for two summers have been working on small projects to make the land livable year-round, with hopes to have it fully winterized by the end of 2021. The goal of Third Steep Farm is to create a communal and sustainable space which is open to trans and queer people to find respite and healing in rural space as well as participate in projects which are of service and stewardship to our land and communities. We hope that in creating an accessible rural space for queer and trans people, we will not only work towards breaking the rural/city divide within queer communities, but also build the land stewardship skills necessary to sustain ourselves and our larger communities.

Inside Greenhouse

Our Story

We are a loose collective of transient trans folks coming together in relationship with land. From an abolitionist perspective, landownership shouldn't exist. ....Our vision is growing and changing as we learn. For now, Third Steep is about creating queer and trans space for healing, and respite from an ever violent fascist state. We are working toward creating a //self-sufficient space where we can feed, house, teach, and learn from queer folks coming through, // food and housing secure space for queer and trans people to rest, learn, and connect with land in the rural west, //as well as give food back to the Drummond community we are located in.


Current Projects


The Wild Garden

Third Steep Farm is on a piece of land which naturally grows many medicinal and edible herbs and plants. For two summers we have predominantly harvested the naturally growing food on the land, as well as cultivated a wild garden space for kale, onions, carrots, garlic, potatoes, and a slew of medicinal herbs. As we establish more nutrient-rich soil, we will be able to grow more food and medicine. It's cute! And growing!

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse is an ongoing project intended to extend the very short growing season of northwest Montana into the winter. To build the greenhouse we are re-purposing discarded car tires and gravel to create an insulated foundation, and are in the process of applying for small grants to fund the polycarbonate roofing, earthen plaster, and labor to build the rest! This is where we will grow tomatoes, basil, and other warmth-loving plants.


Bokasgi Compost System

To maintain a low impact on the land, we use a composting toilet system. Bokasgi is an incredible Japanese bacteria that can digest almost any organic matter, including human waste, and requires an anaerobic (oxygen depleted) environment. To create this environment, we need some materials! So far we have a '3 bin' system of plastic barrels.



In the summer of 2020 a rotating group of five people worked together and connected to our dyke roots to build a big ol' roof over one of our members heads! We are working on winterizing the campers some of us own, and for now do not have additional housing to offer. Folks who have come through this space have thrived sleeping in cars, tents, and out under the stars in the summer months.


Come on Down to the Farm!

email us for directions :)

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